Immune Comic Assignment

Here are some samples of assessments and student work from my courses.

In Anatomy & Physiology 2, I assign each student to a type of immune cell and ask them to make a comic showing the role that cell plays in the immune system. The goal of this assignment is to help students learn the entire life cycle of a single immune cell, make connections between the roles of interacting immune cells, and have some creative autonomy. Students usually think this is a fun assignment. A few complain about their drawing skills, but I point out that cells look like circles and they can use stickers if they really don’t want to draw circles.

I assess their comics using the rubric below, which students can view in Canvas:

Grading Criteria for Immune Comic (each part is worth 1 pt) Instructor Comments Points
Content: your comic should include the following:

  • Shows a major function of your cell
  • Shows how the cell performs its function
  • Shows how the cell finds and recognizes pathogens
  • Shows how the cell is activated
  • Shows cells this one interacts with regularly
  • Shows your cell’s overall role in the immune system

  • Tells a story
  • Holds the reader’s attention
  • Creative (could include things like relating cells or functions to processes people are more familiar with)
Ease of Understanding:

  • Writing is legible
  • No major spelling or grammar errors
  • Easy to follow the storyline

  • Clear differences between panels
  • Deliberate choice of materials (i.e. you didn’t just tear out a piece of notebook paper because you forgot about the assignment)
  • Words and pictures and their placement are neat and organized
Total: ____/15

I fill in the rubric with comments that students can view on Canvas. Here are some great comics that students have made for this assignment: